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Midnight Shadow


Midnight Shadow





Cutie Mark

quill and inkwell, and three ink blots on a piece of parchment/scroll

  • MidnightShadow dev#1
  • MidnightShadow dev#2


Midnight Shadow is a dark blue unicorn with (when he dyes it) vivid rainbow hair. When he doesn't it's darker blue with sunset highlights.

Often inventing crazy contraptions, his favourite are his magical mechanical wings which, one day, will enable him to fly.


Midnight Shadow is a unicorn with his head up in the clouds, even if he doesn't have the wings for it. He often daydreams, which is useful when it comes to writing his stories, but trying for the rest of his family and friends. He sometimes wonders if he should have been born a pegasus, as he's always wanted to fly.

Other Info

His Cutie-Mark shows his love of both literature and reading, being inkblots on a parchment, and a quill and inkwell.

Despite the complicated nature of the cutie-mark, he's a rather simple pony,

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