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Mint Blossom is one of Applejack's favorite cousins. 
Mint Blossom
MB Regular stance
"Welcome to Ponyville Mint Blossom!" -AJ
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female/Mare
Occupation Mint picker in Manehattan and Ponyville
Eyes Luminous vivid aquamarine
Mane Light cyan and White
Coat Grayish malachite green
Nicknames Minty
Relatives AJ, Big Mac, Granny Smith, and AppleBloom
Cutie mark
Mint leaf Mint leaf cutie mark
Owner User: PandoraStar411


Mint Blossom missed Applejack and she doesn't want to wait for the Apple Family Reunion snce they have it one every year. So she decided that she'll stay with AJ's family in Sweet Apple Acres.

Cutie Mark History

Coming soon.


Like her cousin AppleJack, Mint Blossom has an honest personality. She can't tell a single lie even if it costed her life. She's very sweet and bubbly.... until you put her up for a competition.


Applebucking: After staying with AJ's family for a couple of months, she has learned to kick harder than AppleJack and also kick through steal (exaggerating).

Mint picking: she can pick the best mints even in the worst of the bundle. She also has developed a keen eye.


Violet Rainbow: Like Rainbow Dash and AppleJack, Violet and Mint have a competitive friendship. They both ran in the annual running of the leaves competition and she got first place while Violet got second. Violet was pretty sad about that but Mint cheered her up by buying her favorite rainbow flavored candies.

AJ (or AppleJack): AppleJack and Mint love bucking apples together. She helped her in the AppleBuckin seasons and they make it fun by turning it into a race to see how many apples they can buck in a whole day.


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