Miri is the third member of the Order of Equestria. She is a great friend with Marble Sketch, the second member of the Order of Equestria, and is mentored by Princess Flocon de Neige, the fifth member of the Order of Equestria. Her grandmother is Floral Glade, the sixth and final member of the Order of Equestria. Her sisters are Laurel and Pawprint, both friends of Marble Sketch at school.


Miri has a bright lime green coat. Her mane consists of pure white with dark gray stripes. Miri is missing one eye due to an accident that she does not want to talk about. Miri is an alicorn due to her membership in the Order of Equestria. She always wears her eyepatch and constantly wears a white suit with green polka dots. The only time she has been seen wearing anything but her white polka-dot suit is when she attended the royal gala three years after the Mane Six did. She wore a plain dark gray dress with black lace. She has no cutie mark due to a rare medical contrition found in ponies born in the summer. She was also teased for being a "blank flank" during foalhood. However, she later proved herself by saving her school from an Ursa Major and later being taken by Princess Celestia, who was impressed by her smarts and strength, to see if she was interested in joining the Order of Equestria.


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