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Mocha loves to play the saxophone in her spare time. It's not exactly a passion, but it helps calm and soothe her frustrations when she's stressing over things.

Mocha owns and runs her own cafe. I have not thought of a name for this cafe yet, but it's pretty tiny. She makes all sorts of beverages there and even helps out for planned parties.

She so far only has one other employee Citrus Tang who isn't all to keen about her job but Mocha keeps her on track.

So in general Mocha Delight is a young adult, runs her own business which some times doesn't leave her much free time to go out and have fun making friends. She's always around in the background making sure every other pony is pretty content. And when they're not she's always behind the counter with a cup on the house ready to hear out your issues and maybe give you a pinch of advice. But she will normally let you keep talking and eventually solve your own problems. Listening is sometimes enough!


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