Monkulus is a Phantom Pony with bat wings.

Monkulus Phantom
Monkulus Pony
Kind Phantom Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Haunting
Eyes Yellow
Mane Black
Coat Dark Grey
Relatives Banshee (Sister)
Cutie mark
A Two Head Rat
Owner Aniju Aura


Monkulus is a member of the Umbranox Phantom species. Monkulus appears as a dark grey pony with bat wings and a black mane. She has yellow eyes. She possesses unique powers likes walking through walks (actually just through doors and windows) and she can fly and float. She can also shift into the shadows and summon a swarm of rats to her aid. Strangely a female Ghost Pony started to follow Monkulus around after she encounter the Black Manor.

Although Monkulus' Cutie Mark is always unseen, because she always wears a a dark blue black dress, it is actually an image of a Two Head Rat.


Monkulus joins up with Olly Mc'PeaceGlare and Jasper in an attempt and successfully take over Equestria. However after Aniju and Dante foiled their plans. Unlike Jasper, Monkulus stays with Olly after until he goes back into space, where she cannot follow him. He comes back to visit her form time to time. Monkulus took over an abandon house located just outside of Ponyvilla in the Everfree Forest.

After the events of The Darkest Day, Monkulus goes back to haunting other ponies and annoying her older sister Banshee.


Pictures of Monkulus.


  • Monkulus was named after the dominant female of the Aztecs, who played Maybelline on Meerkat Manor.
  • Although Monkulus has bat wings, she does not count as a Pegasus, because she can sheath her wings making her resemble an Earth, and preform magic like a Unicorn.

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