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Moonbow Mist


Moonbow Mist


Pegasus Pony



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Moon with cloud, encircled by rainbow halo


Medium blue-violet pegasus pony with a pale silvery-white long spikey mane and tail. Both mane and tail exhibit a faint streak of rainbow colors in some lighting - the colors are always hard to see, though, and many ponies simply assume that her hair is simply silver-white (that's even what her flier's license says). Moonbow is nearsighted and almost always wears corrective eyewear (glasses or goggles) - she is functionally blind without them.


Moonbow (no relation to a famous Best Young Flier in Equestria) is a nocturnal weather pony. Her specialty is high-altitude night weather, and as a mature mare, she commands the western district of Equestria's night weather team and tends to take on the more difficult jobs herself. Not as young as she used to be (or perhaps simply wiser or less eager to cause herself more pain or embarrassment than necessary these days), she often uses an oxygen respirator for her extreme high altitude work. Years of oxygen deprivation as part of her work have left her with effortless endurance flight abilities at normal altitudes... as well as sub-par short term memory. She often loses items, stumbles on words, and comes across as a bit of a ditz, despite having a knack for random trivia, but she is an excellent and intelligent planner (you can't command a weather team if you're not).

She also enjoys marshmallow malts - when they're available. Malt shops are hard to find open at 3am, after all.....

Other Info

Mooonbow Mist's creator does not exist on the internet because There Are No Girls On The Internet, but she does exist IRL, and spends some of her time at her job where she gets to gripe at her bosses about $$( rather, the lack thereof), and the rest making cosplay costumes and props, and pony crafts, when she isn't sleeping. You can find Moonbow Mist on Flankbook and, VERY rarely, on Second Life.

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