Moonglade is a unicorn from Fillydelphia who specializes in astronomy. Her older sister is Myda.



Crystal Moonglade

Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Eyes Grayish magenta
Mane Deep azure, Medium gray
Coat Moderate sapphire blue
Nicknames Moon
Relatives Mydna (Sister)
Cutie mark
Gray circle with a four-pointed star
Owner TheSkyheart


Moonglade was born in Fillydelphia. She was sent home 4 days after her birth, greeted by her older sister, Mydna, who was 2 years old, also very excited. She is also the younger sibling. While she was a baby, she had many playful times with her sister, and her first word was "star." A few years later, she attended magic kindergarten. Moonglade has met a few friends, but yet is a bit unsocial.  She also just didn't want to learn magic, but she wanted to learn about astronomy, like how the solar system was made, how the planets turn, etc. like her aunt. Once she got a telescope for her 11th birthday party, she spotted all the constellations she knew. It was then she noticed this was her super special talent was astronomy all along. A week after, her family planned a cuteceanera and invited all relatives. A few years after, she had to move to Ponyville out of young adulthood along with Mydna. They currently live in a small house a few blocks away from the (now destroyed) Golden Oak Library.

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