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Moonlight Shimmer


Moonlight Shimmer





Cutie Mark

Full Moon


Moonlight Shimmer and Strawberry Spice


She is essentially nocturnal, and most ponies are unaware of her existence. She maps the night skies, but the rest of her time is spent in admiration of the night's beauty and thoughts of the one who provides them. She can't help but think that the night is much lovelier now that Luna is the one raising the moon again.....

She is very shy, and only ever journeys into town during day for necessities, about once a month. She likes being unnoticed, as her differences usually mean a volley of questions and weird looks...but sometimes, as she sleeps through the day, her dreams turn to the possibility of having friends........

As of more recently, she's started actually making friends a few friends, becoming closer and closer to them, adapting more to the day, and slowly learning how to properly interact with them.


History about the pony.

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