Mortar Bricks
Mortar Bricks
Alias: 00hooves
Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Princess Celestia`s secret agent (formerly construction worker)
Eyes moderate heliotrope
Mane Black with
Very deep reddish brown
Coat Medium gray
Relatives Daisy Fields (wife) (supposedly deceased)

Maxx Powers (son)

Cutie mark
Hammer with two nails
Owner User:heavymetalbronie
Mortar Bricks is the father of Maxx Powers and a secret agent working for Celestia.

early life

Mortar was born on April 10th 1979 in canterlot hospital to his father XXXXXXXX and mother XXXXXXXXX (Files prevent us fron knowing who they are). As a small child Mortar was a keen engineer and always wanted to be a constuction worker working on the latest designs of buildings or bridges. After getting the best grades he could from his years in high school and college, he went on to live his dream and started work on a bridge for the friendship railway Co aged only 19.

Also during his time at college he met up with his future wife Daisy fields and they settled down and married both at the age of 20 (Their son Maxx was born a few months later).

becoming a spy

In 2004 a royal canterlot guard came up to him while he was at work and told him to come with him to Canterlot to see Princess Celestia.

He later confronted the Prinscess herself who asked him if he would take the promotion to a spy, however Moarter thought that the princess was playing an absurd practical joke. Celestia however wasn't joking, she'd chosen him because of his strength, intelligence and reliability. At first he blankly said No but Celestia told him that the fate of Equestria would be fairly grim if he didn't join. He accepted knowing that he had no other choice, however his new job meant that he couldn't be around for Maxx, his son. So he decided to leave Maxx in the loving care of Oragano Black an old friend of his from high school.

After leaving Maxx at the mansion he quickly caught his train to Canterlot to recive his first job and the rest is history.

Future career

As much as he has tried quit his job, he couldn't because he was needed for a few more assignments. Celestia wanted him to be able to leave too because she understands how he feels about leaving his son (Maxx Powers) in care.

The plan

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