Ms. Tory
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Nicknames Tory
Cutie mark
Question Mark
Owner User:Otherside86
Ms. Tory is a female pegasus and the antagonist of Attack of the Brainiac. The name is a reference to the word "mystery".


Ms. Tory is an intellectual pony obsessed with ponies who use their brains. She would test their intellect by putting them through dangerous traps and puzzles, hoping they would solve them. She soon became fascinated in Twilight Sparkle and Sir Sheath for being the smartest ponies in their teams. She had no interest in the others, believing they are just "unneeded weight".


The character of Ms. Tory is based off of The Riddler.

Other versions

Ms. Tory is a villain of the Super Steeds.

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