My Bat Pony: They are not Scary as They Seem


none released (upcoming)


none released (upcoming)

main characters

Nizza Bat(protagonist),Feuer Bat,Buch Bat,Kreative Bat

Theme Song

Things aren't What They Seem

Release Date

June 26th, 2016

Created By



Adventure, Comedy and Slice of Life



Bronies wiki

Released on

My Little Pony: Bats are not Scary as They Seem is a fanfiction series of written episodes released on this wikia.


This series follows a bat pony family as they suffer from ponies being scared of them. They try to befriend ponies, showing them that their scary body means nothing in the inside.


Main characters

Supporting Characters


These episodes can be read at their webpages at the subheading "Episode Script".

Episode name Episode no Season Release Date Synopsis
Bat Novel 1 1 June 26th,2016 Novel Storyteller tries creates a misunderstanding of bat ponies, he knows that theu are good, but continues to create a story about them.

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