My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: The Legend of Ixhelca cover.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: The Legend of Ixhelca is a joint fanfiction co-written by Bleck11 and CattyTheOrchid16. This fanfiction serves as an introduction to the Ixhelca Empire and CattyTheOrchid16's race of ponies, called Ixhelcan Ponies.

The story of this fanfiction takes place between the spin-off film My Little Pony Equestria Girls and the season four premiere in the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic storyline.




In a castle in an empire somewhere near the Crystal Mountains, a unicorn with goldish white coat and very pale arctic blue mane with very pale apple green streaks, slept peacefully in her own room. The peaceful atmosphere was cut short when the doors suddenly opened, revealing two ponies clad in red armour. 

The sleeping mare was startled and jumped straight out of bed.“Your Highness, Her Majesty is asking for your presence in her royal chambers.” One of them said. “At this hour?” the mare, who is obviously a princess, asked. “She wants you there immediately.” 

The mare straightened up and started to walk towards the two. “Let us go, then.” The two nodded and led the mare to a room. They opened the doors for her and she entered. “I want this conversation to be confidential.” A voice spoke from the room. “Of course, Your Majesty.” The two guards spoke and walked out of the room.  

“Whatever is the matter, dear mother? I reckon it is very important since you never wake me at this time of the night.” The mare asked another mare, albeit taller than her. The other mare had Persian bluish white colored coat and very pale yellow mane. 

“An unknown individual has entered the barrier and seems to be heading here.” The older mare said. “Impossible! Nopony has ever been able to find the Ixhelca Empire while the barrier is working before.” The younger mare said. “Well, now somebody has. And it seems that he has an army following him.” The older mare replied. 

The atmosphere of the room suddenly tensed. A shadow loomed over the fireplace. The older mare gasped, realizing who it was. “Lily, it’s him. Get out now!” she ordered. 


Flying lessons and a visitor

It was a normal day in Ponyville. Twilight was practicing on flying using her new wings while Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were helping her. “Come on, Twilight! You can do it!” Fluttershy encouraged her. “I’m trying to!” Twilight replied, trying to fly past the 56th cloud. “Aw, come on! You’ve already reached this high. Try harder!” Rainbow said.

Twilight flapped her wings, getting higher and higher after each flap. Finally, after the last flap, she landed on the cloud. “See? I told you this was easy.” Rainbow folded her hooves. “True, easy…” Twilight mumbles. “WHAT?! You find flying hard and learning magic EASY?!” Rainbow complained.

“Rainbow, you know she isn’t used to fly yet and learning magic is not always easy.” Rarity softly explained. “I knew that…” Rainbow Dash folded her hooves for the second time. Fluttershy sighs. “Maybe you could be a little easier on her.” Fluttershy said while petting Angel, who was actually on her head the whole time.

While Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash were speaking, Twilight slowly gets of the cloud and continues to go back on the ground. She made sure that nopony notices her. Slowly, she got down. Unfortunately, Angel Bunny saw her and quickly notified Fluttershy. “Nononono!” Twilight whispered. Rainbow Dash turned to her. “And where do you think you’re going, young lady?” Rainbow quickly pushed her back to the cloud. “You have 44 clouds more!” She continued.

“But the sun is already at its highest peak!” Twilight complained. “I know! You wanted to practice flying more, even if it takes you a whole week! You said it yourself!” Rainbow Dash said. "This is going to be a long day." Twilight sighed.

Enter Misty Morning

“Twilight! Twilight!” a voice called out. They all turned their heads to the ground. “Spike?” Twilight asked. “There’s someone looking for you!” Spike replied. Twilight went back to the ground. “Who is?” Twilight asked. “I dunno.” Spike shrugged. “But she’s waiting for you in the library.” Spike added, pointing to the large tree which is made into a library.

“Guys! Let’s take a break. Someone’s looking for me!” Twilight said to the two pegasi. “Sure! I mean, i-If you want to.” Fluttershy replied. Twilight trotted to the library. Opening the door to the library, she was greeted by the sight of a young unicorn mare. She has a pure white coat. Her mane is like Trixie’s mane, but colored in two shades of light, magentaish gray. She has a sun cutie mark with three hearts. She was reading a book while sitting on the library floor.  

Twilight’s eyes widened at the sight of the unicorn. Not that she’s reading one of the books on the library, but the fact that the mare’s magic aura is invisible. “Uhh…” she managed to blurt out. The mare noticed Twilight and returned the book to its proper place.

“You must be Princess Twilight Sparkle. Pleasure to meet you, your Highness.” She did a small curtsy and stood up straight. “Uhm, who are you?” Twilight asked. “My name is Misty Morning. I hail from the Empire of Ixhelca.” She replied. “Ixhelca?” Twilight raised a brow.

“Well, yes. Didn’t Princess Celestia tell you about it?” Misty asked. “No.” Twilight shook her head. “That’s unfortunate.” Misty replied. “Wait, how did you know Princess Celestia?” the purple alicorn asked. “Long story. But we must go to Canterlot at once. I have an appointment with her Majesty and I want you to take me to her. Is that okay?”  “Well, sure. Just let me notify her first.” Twilight signaled Spike to take a scroll.  

More will be coming soon...

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