My little Rockstar: Metal is magic is a fan series developed by heavymetalbronie based around the events of series 2&3 of my little pony: friendship is magic.

In a nutshell

Series 1


"Meet the destroyers"


"Down on the Farm"

When applejack decides to invite the destroyers for a party at the farm, the destroyers Insist on providing the musical entertainment. It all goes haywire when AJ and the destroyers have a fall out between music preference.


"The princess of Darkness"

Ruby and Twilight decide to help princess Luna fit in on nightmare night.


After placing an advert in the local paper explaining their services, Lord Anders decides to hire the destroyers to play at his castle.





  • Some episode names are references to hard rock artists, albums and songs.
  • Some episode titles also make references to films, movies and game.

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