Myla's Attire and Hair Styles
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Royal Libarian
Eyes Golden Yellow
Mane Green
Age 25
Sexuality Lesbian
Cutie mark
Yellow Star with a Leather Bound Book and a Silver Crown
Owner Cryptic Pony

Myla is a Female Pegaus Pony, she resides in Canterlot, Equestria and is a neutral of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fandom. She works in the Royal Canterlot libaries but does not know Princess Luna or Princess Celestia personally, however she does know Princess Cadence and Princess Twilight Sparkle. She is curently single and does not have anypony in her life that she would consider as a lover. She is a lesbian and is very open to that fact, it has nothing to do with a bad past with Stallions, she just perfers Mare's and enjoys thier company more then Stallions. She has however dated one stallion in her life during her teen years, but when she discovered that she was not intrested and started to find mare's to be more attractive she finally broke up with her boyfriend and it took years before she confessed she was a Lesbian.           

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