Mystery Mint

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Mysterymint - Edited

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Kind Unicorn
Sex Mare
Occupation Singer


Eyes Brilliant Cerise
Mane Brilliant Cerise

Moderate Magenta

Coat Pale Cornflower Blue
Relatives Sonata Dusk (Older Sister)
Cutie mark
Heart with a Lightning Bolt

Mystery Mint is a light blue Unicorn with magenta and cerise hair. Her eyes are almond-shaped (think Rarity), and also cerise colored. She is 17, like the Mane Six. Her Cutie Mark is a purple heart with a yellow lightning bolt inside it.

Equestria Girls


Mystery Mint is part of the Rockers group at Canterlot High. She is friends with Flash Sentry, Valhallen, Brawly Beats, Ringo, Crimson Napalm, and her best friend is Cherry Crash. Mystery likes to sing and will play guitar on occasion.

Other Friends

Mystery Mint is friends with a lot of other kids, too. Tennis Match, Starlight, Blueberry Cake, and Drama Letter are four, just to name some.



Mystery Mint is caring, calm, and quiet. She is very generous and loves to help others. She is comparatively softer than Cherry Crash, but that doesn't stop her from rockin' out!


Singing and Guitar

Mystery Mint has an amazing singing voice and she is the singer in her band, the Strike Hearts. She also plays the electric guitar, and is a pro at it.

The Strike Hearts

Mystery and Cherry Crash formed the Strike Hearts shortly after they found their Cutie Marks. Mystery plays guitar and sings, while Cherry Crash plays the drums. Mystery is constantly signing the Strike Hearts up to do gigs at Charity Auctions, a sign of her generous spirit.

Weather Magic

Mystery Mint's Cutie Mark means two things: the heart represents the importance of teamwork, and the lightning bolt represents her skill with weather dioramas.

Mystery Mint can use her magic to make mini weather dioramas. For example, she often makes small, harmless, tornadoes during her shoes, less than a hoof tall. 

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INFP on the chart

The weather makes her shows even more exciting and interesting.

School Events

Fall Formal

Mystery Mint attended the Fall Formal. She wore a purple dress with a black studded belt. Her boots were various shades of purple, almost identical to her everyday boots. Mystery also wore 2 pink studded bracelets and a necklace with her cutie mark on her neck. She was hypnotized by Sunset Shimmer like everybody else. Later in the night, Mystery danced with Tennis Match and Fluttershy.

Battle of the Bands

Mystery watched smugly as Cherry Crash retorted, "Ha! You wish!" to Blueberry Cake the day the Dazzlings arrived. She and Cherry decided to band together with Thunderbass's band Thunderstruck for the Battle of the Bands. Unfortunately, they lost in the first round to Trixie and the Illusions.

Friendship Games

Mystery appears as an archer during the Friendship Games. She wears a green shirt with yellow trim and a pink vest. Her two-layered skirt is pink with purple trim and a blue lighting bolt pendant on the side. Underneath she wears spring green shorts. Her boots are pink with a purple heart. The heels are purple lightning bolts. Her armguard is pink, and Mystery wears her hair in a braid.


Fan Made

Mystery Mint appears in a dressup game, as well as a 2048 variant.


Mystery appears on a sticker in the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: I Love to Draw book.


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