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Pony Info


Nero Gearbox


Earth pony (and proud of it)



Cutie Mark



Inventor, Scientist, Revolutionary


A Reclusive Stallion, He lives in his lab, smack-dab in the middle of the Everfree Forest on a self chopped outlet

Deep in the Everfree forest lies a mysterious Stallion, one who despises Unicorns and Pegisi with his very being.

With his incredible intellect, he spends every waking moment, inventing ways to allow Earth ponies to do what the others can.

His first and most renowned invention is a mechanical hand, based on the opposable appendiges of the monkey. Of course, since nopony takes his work seriously, he is the only one that knows how to use it efficiently.

But he never gives up. He even, at the intense disapproval of the Royal Guard and the pompous citizens of Canterlot, regularly travels to there, in front of the castle gate no less, to show off his latest way to level the playing field.

Some of his most notable inventions in his race for earth pony equality are: Robotic hand, automatic thread maker machine, mass wood-chopping machine, elevated transport vehicle (modifed version of Pinkie Pie's Flying machine) and many, many more.

Even though he dispises Unicorn and Pegisi, he has no trouble manipulating them for his cause, Like borrowing Twilight's books on mechanics, which he intends to keep.

This stallion will stop at NOTHING to make sure that Earth Ponies are the dominant of the 3 groups, even if it means taking on The False Ruler Celestia himself.

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