Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Amnesia victim
Eyes [1]
Coat [2] (same as mane and tail)
Cutie mark
Zaros symbol
Symbol of Zaros
Owner Ozuzanna
Nex is a female Pegasus mare OC created by Ozuzanna.

Development and design

Her name originates from a RuneScape creature of the same name. She resembles the earlier model of the RuneScape Nex. Her color scheme represent those of that Nex and Zaros. Her design was generated with General Zoi's Pony Creator; however the mane and tail have been customized by image manipulation software.


Being an amnesia victim, she awoke from a coma after being in one for many years appearing in Equestria, unbeknownst to what she knew or manifested as prior to that.

Her cutie mark portrays the symbol of the RuneScape god Zaros, however Nex merely ponders what the symbol is as her memory was mysteriously wiped, and the Equestrian folk do not know anything of the RuneScape universe.

It is thought that she was previously in the other universe and subsequently banished, while being reincarnated in Equestria as a pony with no memories.

It is confirmed that she is not the reincarnation of Nex from RuneScape.


She possesses powers of the pegasi in Equestria such as being able to stand on clouds and control the weather.

She has heightened senses in areas such as sensory of movements and able to detect danger hastily. She also has a high vitality rate such as being able to survive with not eating for a prolonged amount of time. However, she cannot swim and suffers from hydrophobia.

In combat, she generally does not fight unless forced. Her cutie mark magnifies her powers and they seem to be at their prime at night.


Her personality is best described as "volatile - yet justifiable"; her actions are often misunderstood by others and sometimes the only person who understands her is herself. Currently, she has no friends after waking up in the depths of a mountain range featured in Equestria.

She is set to feature in a series of crossovers to recover her true identity and this will take place involving both universes.

She is heterosexual however she does not currently have a love interest.



  • She was originally an Alicorn in design however later changed to Pegasus.
  • Her name is similar to the famous OC Nyx, however completely unrelated and it is a mere coincidence of name similarity.