Nightshade Blossom


Kind Unicorn (Originally a pegasus.)
Sex Female
Occupation Unknown
Eyes Red
Mane Light blue
Coat Dark blue
Nicknames Night Blossom
Cutie mark
A quill and a knife
Owner Sly Joe


She is excitable, easily jumps to conclusions (that are very infrequently right), and is easily persuaded to do things. She is apparently very persuasive, however this has yet to be seen.


Nightshade Blossom is a unicorn pony who is from Cloudsdale. She was originally a pegasus, but she was turned into a unicorn by a curse... and stayed that way because she liked it better. She never visits Cloudsdale anymore, preferring to live on the ground.

Stories Featuring Her

Night's Midnight by Really Special


Anyone is allowed to use her provided that credit is given to Sly Joe Crow on wikia or Really Special on fimfiction.

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