Nova Abyss

Nova Abyss
Nova Abyss

Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Eyes Moderate sapphire blue
Mane Black
Coat Dark grayish blue
Cutie mark
Nova's Cutie Mark 7
Voice Tara Strong
Owner User:Otherside86
"It's not about overpowering the enemy. It's not about belittling them. It's about proving how feeble their efforts truly are."
— Nova Abyss

Nova Abyss is a unicorn mare from Equestria who found her way into the human world, and the main antagonist of Equestria Girls: United.


Nova Abyss was the arch-rival of Sunset Shimmer since they were fillies. They competed in many things, until their rivalry festered into hatred, especially when Princess Celestia choose Sunset as her personal student over Nova.

She then found her way into the human world.


Nova can be depicted as heartless and cunning. She's a cold, calculating engine of logic. She expresses little emotion, believing it to be a weakness and a distraction.

She despises Sunset Shimmer in more ways than one. One of which is that in Equestria, Sunset have wasted are talents showing off and gaining power, when she have realized she already have the power.


Sunset Shimmer


"It's quite necessary actually. But I guess I won't allow myself to be intimidated by a knuckle-dragging loudmouth."
— To Rainbow Dash
"You may have new friends, you may have a new life, you may even have a new body. But you still haven't changed."
— To Sunset Shimmer
"Ah, Sunset. You're just as you were when we were fillies, always trying to be the big girl."
"No. It had really failed too many time. There's always chance they will mend their friendship. Spreading hatred, so old-fashion. No. To truly destroy the Magic of Friendship, you cannot rely on traditional effort. I need something new."

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