Pony Info
Olaf Tragvessn


Olaf Tragvessn





Cutie Mark

Mjölnir (Thor's Hammer) with Thor inscribed on it in the Runic Alphabet.


Olaf Tragvessn is a pony with a blond mane and tail and somewhat light fair fur due to his northern origions. His left eye was blinded with a strange afflication after reciving knowledge in a ritual to the Highfather, an ancient Equestrian God that many of the people in the North worshiped even to this day.


Olaf was born in the frigid Mountinous regions of Equestria, unlike much of equestria, life was difficult with frost giants and many other monsters that somewhat romed the wilderness. Unlike the rest of Equestria the Northern clans still have a very Patriarichal soceity and were proud warriors.

Other Info

Other info about the pony

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