Padlock Keys realistic picture

Padlock's self-portrait

Padlock Keys


Padlock Keys

Full Name:

Padlock William Mortimer Sherlock Keys


Patrick Marty




Somewhere in his his 30(s) or 40(s)



Current Residence:



Earth Pony


(Retired) Detective, (Part-Time) Baker


He’s generally very antisocial and somewhat of a recluse. He does though have his moments of respect towards other ponies that he really knows well and ‘cares’ about. Padlock isn’t the kind that makes somepony really swoon off their hooves and think their ‘ultra-romantic’. He’s somewhat of a narcissist who doesn’t get the concept of fillies or mares ordeals at all. Yet, he’s still considered a ‘gentlecolt’ due to his loyal and honest demeanor & disposition.


Padlock has had reading problems since he was a colt, and so he’s had hard times overcoming them from day one but his parents were ignorant of this fact and decided to enroll him into advanced classes anyway. Therefore, he flunked horribly and required sever tutoring and counseling. At his tween-teen years Padlock remained submissive towards other ponies especially ones tougher than him like ‘bullies’. 

As such, he’d always remain quiet and meek in the background, though his dreams of becoming a sleuthing sly were still somewhat noteworthy...Until his mother died, and his father went into a deep depression.Wind-Chime is the family’s butler and was suspected right from the beginning for betrayal. Padlock asked friends of the family who were in the law enforcement class, and said if they could help, but they refused to deal with ‘his father’s shady company’. That’s when he found out about Cha-Chang and got a job there. He moved away from the drama, and into Fillydelphia.There, he met Private Eye – became friends, and overcame some fears. 

He got his Detective Agency running thanks to Private Eye and Cha-Chang who strayed not too far behind, and when he investigated his mother’s death not too far along his ‘successful’ sleuthing career – Padlock went to Ponyvlle-via the request of Filthy Rich, as he’s been pony-napped. While trying to uncover the case, he meets Apple Tea at Sweet Delight’s Café & Co. – there he falls in love with her.

When the case is proven to be a successfully solved one and Padlock only comes out with a few minor scars and aches – he proposes (horribly proposes in the worst way possible-!) to Apple Tea, and they get married in his hometown of Manehatten. Now, he has two children with Apple Tea, residing happily and comfortably in Canterlot Condominiums. They’re thinking of adding a third. . . 

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