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Paradox ID

Kind Alicorn/Draconequus Hybrid
Sex Female
Occupation TBA
Eyes Pale, light grayish mulberry
Mane Grayish arctic blue
Coat Grayish tangelo
Nicknames Para, Dox, Doxy, Parry
Relatives Discord (father)

Celestia (mother)

Natures Chaos (step-sister)

Fluttershy (step-mother)

Cutie mark
Paradox CM

A swirl

Owner MysticArt89

NOTE: She's in my next gen with MysticArt89 on dA, no one is allowed to edit this page except for her and me.

Paradox is a draconequus/alicorn hybrid that is the only daughter of Celestia and Discord. She was born in Canterlot and currently lives in Ponyville and Canterlot with her family. Her step-sister is Natures Chaos.

Characteristics and Biography

Paradox is very outgoing, and very loud. She loves pranking other while with her father, and with her mother she enjoys baking (which honestly, doesn’t turn out so well). She is Celestia and Discord’s child, and has a step sister, Natures Chaos. She will get very close to her friends and annoy them at times. She may seem a little full of herself but deep down on the inside she loves them all very much and appreciates their friendship.





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