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Pastel Candy Cloud

Pastel Candy Cloud

Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Candy Maker at Sugar Cube Corner
Eyes Pale, light grayish purple
Mane Light purple

Pale, light grayish magenta
Light amberish gray

Coat Light gray

Pale, light grayish purple wing tips
Dark gray freckles

Nicknames Pastel, Candy, Cloud, Cloudy, PCC, Gothy, Soft Grudge (by Blazing Miku)
Relatives Rainbow Dash (adoptive mother)

Pinkie Pie (adoptive mother)

Eyeshadow Very dark gray
Cutie mark
Pastel Candy Cloud's Cutie Mark

A light pink and magenta candy on top of a grey cloud

Voice Grey DeLisle
Owner User:AuroraFlaky

Pastel Candy Cloud is a white pegasus. She is the adoptive daughter of Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie and the childhood friend of Blazing Miku. She currently lives in Sugar Cube Corner with her adoptive mothers and is a candy maker.

Characteristics and Biography

Pastel Candy Cloud likes to make candy, typically hard candies, which are her favorite. She seems to have some kind of sugar problem and is almost addicted to it. When not making candies, she likes to fly around and hang out with her friends. She is actually a very good flier and almost tops her mother, Rainbow Dash.

Although self-proclaimed, PCC is a pastel goth, usually described as "cute yet creepy". She seems to have some kind of dark sense of humor. Her jokes consist of mostly death, rape, murder, etc. She sometimes laughs at a joke that shouldn't be laugh at. She usually describes herself as "edgy".


Pastel Candy Cloud is passionate and strong-willed. She seems to be pretty stubborn with her beliefs and refuses to change them. Pastel likes the follow the trends most of the time. Despite this, Pastel is enthusiastic and likes to join in on the fun, similar to that of Pinkie Pie.

Due to her nature as a pastel goth, she can come off as very dreary, to the point of annoyance. However, her points of happy-go-lucky-ness are just as annoying. This leads to anypony thinking that she might be manic depressive. Pastel seems to deny this, as she claims she doesn't have a mental disorder of any kind.

Pastel is very loyal and optimistic overall and doesn't like seeing her friends get hurt. She tries her best to not come off as annoying or mean, as she just wants to be happy.


Pastel Candy Cloud is a white pegasus with a purple mane with pink and blonde highlights. Her eyes are light purple and her mane is semi-long, reaching to her shoulders. Her tail almost reaches the ground. Her wings are tipped with a light purple color. She has black eyeshadow and thick eyeliner. She has freckles on her muzzle and cheeks.


  • She was adopted from Trashie-Adopts.
  • She is slightly based on Sam Manson from the show Danny Phantom.