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" na-name Sketch. I am an artist...from C-Canterlot...."
—Pastel Sketch
Pastel Sketch

Pastel Sketch ID

Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Artist
Eyes Strong amber
Mane Light brilliant red

Light brilliant yellow
Light brilliant sap green
Light brilliant arctic blue
Light brilliant blue
Light brilliant indigo

Coat Very light fuchsia

Brilliant purple

Nicknames Pastel, Sketchy, PS
Relatives Unknown
Magic Aura Light brilliant amber
Cutie mark
Pastel Sketch's Cutie Mark

A lavender, sea green, and light red rainbow

Voice tba
Owner PastelKitty101

Pastel Sketch is a pink unicorn from Canterlot and currently lives in Ponyville. She is an artist and loves to draw and paint. She is an Element of Hope and represents the Element of Creativity.

Characteristics and Biography

Pastel Sketch is a great artist, but she isn't famous. She doesn't consider herself that good of an artist, but her friends compliment her art and her skills. This seems to give her the motivation to sell her art to other ponies, so she is starting to get more popular.

Pastel Sketch has a very deep relationship with her friends and values her friends more than herself. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing.


Pastel Sketch is a very caring pony, doing anything for her friends. She doesn't value herself and depends on her friends to help her with her low self-esteem.

As expected, Pastel Sketch is very shy and soft-spoken. She is very quiet and never talks to anypony who isn't a close friend.

Hence her element, Pastel Sketch is very creative. She likes coming up with new and unique ideas.


Pastel Sketch is a taller-than-average, skinny pink unicorn with flowy hooves and magenta cloven hooves. Her mane is curly and made of pastel colors. Her eyes are a gold colors and Fluttershy shaped. Her horn is also curved like King Sombra and is a gradient from pink to magenta. She has a traditional unicorn tail.


Jasper Ember Quartz




Gliding Wind


Ambient Melody

Since both of their elements fit with each other, they interact the most out of all the Elements of Hope. Without inspiration, Pastel Sketch wouldn't be able to be creative with her art. Without creativity, Ambient Melody won't be inspired to make her music. Ambient actually has a crush on Pastel Sketch, but since Pastel is a heterosexual, she knows it cannot happen.



Eris Equinox




Snowflake Obsidian



  • Her curved horn is actually the result of a birth defect.
  • Her original name was "Soft Pastel".