Pony Info




Earth Pony



Cutie Mark

black paw prints


Mane and tail: two toned brown

Coat color: buff colored with a white muzzle, white butt blanket and white markings on her hooves.

Eye Color: teal blue

Cutie mark: Two black paw prints

Job: intern at the veterinary hospital

Special job: Soothes and calms other small animals and pets.Usually seen during Winter Wrap Up waking the sleeping forest animals, gathering food for them and helping to clean out their dens.


An orphaned pony as a foal, PawPrints was found by one Celestia's pegasus guardian pony named Sarge. Sarge already had two colts of his own so he brought the little buckskin foal to his brother Comet and his mate RosePetal in Canterlot, since they had not succeeded in producing any foals of their own. She grew up with a neighbor's colt named Sundust (she calls him Dusty) who believed as a foal that both he and PawPrints had something in common because his own father liked to joke that he had found Dusty under a bush in the woods and the gullible foal believed him. She also played a lot with Sarge's pair of colts, including Stormchaser, who visited a few times a year from Ponyville. PawPrints learned she was adopted at 11 when one of the filly's in her class told her so. Her parents reassured the filly that they loved her even though she was not their bio-foal. Later on she moved to Ponyville and lives with her friend, the unicorn artist named Pastel. Both Filly's work as waitresses at a local restaurant as PawPrints studies to be a vet. She doesn't live far from Stormchaser, who keeps an eye on her for his aunt and uncle. One day, PawPrints would like to meet her bio parents and find out why she was abandoned as a foal.

Other Info:

PawPrints is a sweet little pony. She's shy at first but when she gets to know you, very talkative and friendly. She has a temper but it takes quite a lot to get her really upset. But she rarely stays angry. Which is why she'd rather not be angry with almost anyone. This doesn't mean that she doesn't have her days. Everypony gets a little depressed or is grumpy now and again and PawPrints is no exception.

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