Prancer a maron Earth Pony and the older brother of Tumble Step.
Prancer Pony

An idea of what Prancer looks like using the Pony Maker on DeviantArt


Prancer is a maroon Earth Pony with a light lavender and blue mane. He has blue eyes.

Prancer is a popular, social and fun loving pony. He has lots of friends, and basically friends with everyone in his class. He is also a good big brother to Tumble Step, but likes to tease his older sister Foxtrot. Prancer is the middle child of his parents.


Prance is still attending school but soon he'll graduate. When not at school, or hanging out with friends, Prance play in his backyard with his younger brother Tumble Step.


  • Prance is named after the Reindeer, since his name was a type of movement, a name theme in his family.