Princess Moonlight

Moonlight new mane by ask tabitha cartman-d7hnqyi
Princess Moonlight

Kind Alicorn pony
Sex Female
Occupation Ruler of ponywood,snow princess,,karateka,angel,cupid,fire princess(dark side),vampire(as a bat)
Eyes Pale, light grayish rose
Mane Brilliant turquoise
Coat White
Nicknames Moony,Furious Karateka,Smart Princess.
Relatives Prince Storm Dark (brother)
Prince Storm Light (brother)
Princess Sunshine (sister)
Cutie mark
Three pink stars
Voice Cathy Weseleluck(Normal voice) Nancy Cartwright(singing voice)
Owner User:Luuhzika22
"To start the mimimi"

-Princess Moonlight

Princess Moonlight is an Alicorn pony and the ruler of Ponywood Kingdom. She is also the older sister of Prince Storm Dark, Prince Storm Light, and Princess Sunshine.


Princess Moonlight was born in Canterlot and became a princess after blessing the Crystal Empire with her special snow magic.


Moonlight is able to perform many snow spells with her horn and is quite skilled in magic, she can also use dark magic.

The crystal empire story

moonlight was visiting her friends and she will views an unicorn called Crystal(King sombra),she will say sorry but moonlight asked that he will help her to constroy an empire(Crystal emipre) and he said yes,after,time to constroy the crystal heart,Crystal decide stay with the heart,but Moonlight can't destroy him and he said to she will be his queen,Moonlight say no but he gives the dark magic for her,Celestia and Luna views the disaster and destroy his and save Moonlight.

The life on Ponywood

Moonlight is the older from the family,but she lives with her brothers and her little sister and everytime she needs to go home by the brothers and the little sister.



moonlight is based on Bart simpson(why she haves a skate),Marge simpson(why she haves too much occupations),Kenny(why she ever dies),Patrick(THIS IS MOONLIGHT!!!!!),Rainbow dash(yep) and Finn(why she uses swords)

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