Lullaby For a Princess (CHLOE'S CHORDS)06:58

Lullaby For a Princess (CHLOE'S CHORDS)

Princess Summersong is the OC (Original Character) of Chloe Hatfield, a well respected member of the Central Florida Bronies. Princess Summersong is used as Chloe's Ponysona for her line of songs that she has preformed for the CFB youtube page. Princess Summersong was born on the Summer Solstice and her special talent is singing and enriching those with soothing melodies. Her Cutie Mark consists of a sun with extended rays pointing towards North, South, East, and West, small circles inbetween the rays, and
Princess Summersong v3 2
a combined eighth note in the middle of the Sun.


Princess Summersong has been singing since she was 1. In her childhood her favorite course was Chorus, and she was invloved in the Royal Canterlot Choir. 

Princess Summersong is the Cousin of Princess Mi amore Cadenza, and the Niece of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.

When she was a Child she was granted with a royal silver pendant shaped as a heart for her good deeds and kindness towards the subjects, symbolizing her big heart

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