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Princess Violet

Princess Violet

Kind Alicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Princess of the Paradise Island
Eyes Blue
Mane Black and red
Coat Violet
Cutie mark
Voice Amy (Bellatrixlestrange34 from MSP)
Owner Jack Carnon

Princess Violet is an alicorn pony and the Princess of the Paradise Island.


Princess Violet is mysterious but kind and friendly. She looks after her kingdom, no matter what it takes.


Violet was born in a hospital in Canterlot. She attened a royal school in Canterlot too. She was Princess Celestia's student until she was old enough to rule a Kingdom. She was given the Paradise Island by Princess Celestia. Violet was rumoured to be the second person to find out about Luna's transformation into Nightmare Moon

The Fall of the Paradise Island

One night, Princess Celestia sent a message to Violet telling her that Nightmare Moon was discovered over Vanhoover, near the Kingdom. Violet doubled the guard and put up a magical barrier to protect the Kingdom, but Nightmare Moon and her followers were to powerful and broke the barrier. Nightmare Moon flew up to the castle and fought with Violet while her followers attacked the land below. When Violet became too weak, she sent a letter off to Celestia. As Nightmare Moon flew off, Violet makes the kingdom disapear, much like the Crystal Empire.

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