Pumpkin Dazzle

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Her normal appearance.

Pumpkin Dazzle EG

Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Pumpkin Farmer
Eyes #80A94B (Moderate Spring Bud)
Mane #F9A950 (Brilliant Orange); #FDF6AA (Pale, Light Grayish Gold)
Coat #FFD372 (Light Brilliant Amber)
Nicknames Daz, Jack
Cutie mark
A pumpkin with three sparkling stars.
Voice Five Hours
Owner Five Hours
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Pumpkin Dazzle is a female Earth pony. She lives in the small town of Maple Glen near Fourshoof. Pumpkin Dazzle loves to grow pumpkins and carve them into Jack O' Lanterns.

She has always adored royalty in Canterlot and hopes to someday travel there. Her Nightmare Night costume of Celestia reflects this.


Her appearance was based off of the G4 pony Honey Apple and the G1 pony Baby Luckyleaf. Despite her similarities in design to G4 Carrot Top, this is purely coincidental.

Her original name was Pumpkin Spice but was changed as it is a relatively common OC name for ponies.


Pumpkin Dazzle has lived all her life in Maple Glen. She got her cutie mark after her father, Howden (a type of pumpkin), gave her a pumpkin seed to plant. She planted it in the garden and watered and weeded it every day until it grew into a vine, bearing flowers. The young Pumpkin Dazzle tended to it as it developed one large, orange pumpkin.

When the time came to harvest the pumpkin, Pumpkin Dazzle cut the stem with a knife and proudly lifted the pumpkin on her back. She cleaned it off with a cloth and placed it next to the front door of her home and when a ray of light beamed down onto the pumpkin, it seemed to sparkle. When this happened, Pumpkin Dazzle knew growing pumpkins was her destiny and her Cutie Mark of a pumpkin with three sparkling stars appeared on her flank.



Pumpkin Dazzle is a gentle pony, especially with her plants and her friends and family.


She is very patient, willing to wait long periods of time for her pumpkins to grow.


If something is not going the way she wants it to, Pumpkin Dazzle will stubbornly wait for as long as possible for it to go her way, even when it surely won't.


Pumpkin is rather blunt with ponies. She is not shy to express her opinion, even at the cost of hurting other ponies.


Pumpkin Farming

Pumpkin Dazzle is a skilled pumpkin farmer. She grows many varieties at a time, including hard-to-grow ones. In addition, she had developed her own breeds of pumpkin and gourd before and sells the seeds at her town's farmers' markets and occasionally in Fourshoof.

Pumpkin Carving

She loves to carve pumpkins, any time of the year. She creates lots of designs to use on all different sizes of pumpkins.

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