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Pyro Glacier
A Male OC
Hi. I'm Pyro.
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Male/Stallion
Occupation TBA
Eyes Red
Mane Dark Blue
Coat Brownish orange
Nicknames Pyro, Pry
Relatives Emerald Flare (marefriend)
Cutie mark
Pyro's cm
Owner Pandora

Pyro Glacier is the boyfriend/coltfriend of Emerald Flare.


Pyro is a unique stallion. He has the split personality disorder and his he never knew his parents. He was living on the streets of Ponyville for sometime before Emerald found him. When they met, he was very sick and Emerald nursed him back to health. From this day on, Pyro returns that favor whenever he can. While doing so, Pyro unlocks some of Emerald's unknown past. Pyro then shares some of his past with her too. Soon after that special moment they had together, Pyro then began to develop feelings for Emerald. When he got all of his courage to tell Emerald that he likes her, Emerald also tells Pyro that she likes him too. Since then, they are rarely seen withourt each other's company.


Pyro has the spilt personality disorder. Around Emerald, he's very lusty in a way, but when he's around others, he doesn't act like that which really confuses Emerald.

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