Quartz Blossom

Quartz Blossom (Griffon Pony)
Quartz in her griffon-pony form

Quartz Blossom
Quartz as a unicorn

Kind Griffon-Pony
Sex Female
Voice User:MysteriosoPony
Owner User:MysteriosoPony
Quartz Blossom is a griffon/unicorn hybrid, and the older sister of Blaire Cometdust. She currently lives in Ponyville.


Under the influence of her new "friends" in Ponyville, Quartz became shallow, selfish, judgmental and vain.


Quartz has a moderately long and wavy lilac mane and tail with white tips. Her coat is sugary pink and her eyes are also pink, only darker.


Quartz grew up in Appleloosa with her two younger brothers, the eldest of which was Blaire Cometdust. Much to her annoyance, Blaire received his Cutie Mark before she did. When she reached adulthood, she moved to Ponyville. She was desperate to fit in with a group of friends who lived in her neighborhood, and they reluctantly welcomed her into the group. However, her new "friends" were shallow, and they judged and teased Quartz for growing up in an Earth-Pony dominated village in a family of common workhorses. Quartz was so determined to fit in that she completely hid her past and altered who she was just to impress others. But once she'd gained their respect, she didn't stop there. She had gone power-mad, and she wanted to command respect from everypony in Equestria. And what better way to do that, she thought, than to become an alicorn? So she visited Zecora's shack in the woods and demanded a potion that would give her wings. Zecora had only one potion that she though would do just that, but she warned Quartz that the effects were permanent and she hadn't yet tested it, so the outcome would be inconclusive. She strongly advised Quartz not to take the potion, but Quartz snatched the potion from her and drank it in an instant, selfish and determined to get her way. The potion partially transformed her into a griffon, so after that day Quartz permanently became half-griffon, half-unicorn. Being her vain self, she hid away in her room for ages after that day, fearing what society might think of her.

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