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Rainbow Brisk is a Pegasus pony who has a thirst for adventure. She isn't a mean pony, but enjoys conflict, and is quick to prove her strength to other ponies, especially in debate. Her cutie mark is a pencil, because of her love of writing and wordplay. Though she is not an angry pony, she loves to argue with other ponies, and enjoys the feeling of being proved correct.


History about the pony.

Other Info

Rainbow Brisk has a rainbow colored mane and tail. Her braids encompass all the colors of the rainbow, though her tail only holds two colors: her bangs take care of the rest. She is cream-colored, and is a decently fast flyer: nowhere near competitive level, but can clear the skies as well as any other pegasus pony. She loves meeting new people and interacting with them, even if they don't love her!

Creator Info

Rainbow Brisk belongs to a brony who usually goes by Win Laik Pya. Win Laik Pya is male, and is pretty cool. Tries to be cool to everyone, and nice, but not without his vices: Win is a smoker and a drinker and quick to anger, though quick to put it down. Rainbow Brisk's master is currently working towards a double major in Journalism and Writing Intensive English.

edit: Inb4 none of this makes sense, i was drunk when i tpyed it. will try harder tomorrow.

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