Raindrop in her library.

Raindrop Uteki, (Called Teki by her friends,) is a blind unicorn who lives in Ponyville with her big sister. She is currently 11 years old. Her mom and dad are currently away on a business trip to Manehattan for a year, so her sister has to take care of her while they are gone.

Friends and Family

Although Raindrop doesn't have many friends, her best friend is Candy Circus the clown pony. She also is friends with her sister and Midnight Snow [Mentioned in Love Life.]

Her sister, Blossom Bubblegum, cares for her and works on Applejack's apple farms. [Though she rarely converses with her.]

Raindrop's best friend, Candy Circus.

Love Life

While Uteki here may be young, she already has some love interests!

Midnight Snow: Midnight Snow is one of Raindrop's best friends, only second to Candy Circus . Midnight Snow has confessed her love to Teki, and Teki responded with a simple kiss, whispering her affection for her as well.

Lucky Key: Lucky Key is one of Raindrop's classmates, whom she shared the occasional "Hey!" with, not aware that the young stallion had a crush on her. She is still unaware of his affection. 


Uteki and Midnight Snow.

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