Rancid Milk is a zombie Unicorn.
Rancid Milk

Rancid Milk

Rancid Milk Pony

An idea of what Rancid looks like


Rancid Milk is an off white Unicorn with silver hair. He has a derpy expression on his face because one of his eyes droops downwards while his one good eye is yellow. He has a broken horn but still can use magic normally, however seems to have burst of uncontrollable magic because of his broken horn. Rancid's Cutie Mark is a milk carton.


Rancid's past and original name is unknonw. He was brought back to life and is constantly seen with Rotten Peach. At some point he and Rotten were discovered by Aniju and Rith, and brought back with them. Aniju named both Rancid and Rotten and they both currently live with Crosis, who keeps them a pets.


  • Rancid name has to start with an R after watching Warm Bodies in which the main character R a zombie couldn't remember his name but knew it started with an R.

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