Pony Info
Raven Flowers


Raven Flowers


(Half Wingless) Pegasus



Cutie Mark

Raven Wing with Petals




Mother: Levitas Aguila
Father: Scutum
Brother: Northern Cross
Sister: Southern Cross


Happier Times


Here is Cygnus' and Crux's big sister, Raven Flowers, she works as a Horticulturist, she can almost work like magic with plants.

However while she was young, she was attacked by something and had a wing torn off, and can no longer fly, and no longer speak due to the trauma, but she gets along fine as her mother and siblings can understand her well enough without words. Understandably she is quite shy around others, and she has a fear of Griffins.


Happier Times

Raven when she was younger, was quite the flier following her mother's skill, and also was abit of a chatterbox, she had many friends during her filly days, she once wanted to grow up to be a singer or a model due to her friends admiring her silver hair and soothing voice.

Her later passion and talent with plants came later when she got a potted Rose as a birthday present from her family, at first when she cared for the little flower it started to wilt, panicing she went to read as much as she could (wasn't alot to most, but she was still a filly so was alot to her) about plant care and stayed up late each night to make sure it was healthy.

Many nights passed with little improvement, Raven was starting to feel sad as her now favourite gift was looking quite bad, then one morning to her surprise the Rose had blossomed into a very large and beautiful flower, filling Raven with both tears and joy as she also found out her true calling.

Other Info

She does have a nick name as well similar to her siblings, but not gonna tell ya for her.

Her Left wing was torn off when she was attacked by something, only herself and her Father saw what it was, now that she is mute and her father having died saving her from it, no one knows what it was.

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