Production art of a Battle Pig from the Razorback tribe, the most common enemy in the game.

Razorbacks are a tribe of boars that were planned to be enemies in the now canceled game My Little Pony: Trinity. They are the soldiers of Grogar and serve as the common enemies in the game. Their body color varies, similar to ponies but usually dark colors. Other than the generic battle pigs which serve as foot soldiers, there were going to be razorbacks of various shapes and sizes such as Thwart Hogs and Bad Truffles.

There purpose in Ponytale is undecided as such locations as there village is not located next to Equestria, as canon contradicts this.

List of Razorbacks

Battle Pigs

Common enemies seen throughout the game, their standard attack being to charge at ponies and able to evade oncoming attacks.

Thwart Hogs

Larger, more powerful razorback, with larger, elephant like tusks. Have higher health and able to cause wide spread damage with more strength, but being large and slow more open to attack.

Bad Truffles

Appearing more like chubby piggies than warrior boars, these enemies specialise in bioweaponry due to the mushrooms and fungus growing over their backside instead of quills. Depending on the colour of the Bad Truffle cause different status effect, such as poison or paralysis.


  • The Razorback serve as a non-humanoid alternative to the troggles the original soldiers Grogar had for his army in the story arc The Return of Tambelon.
  • The Razorbacks were inspired from the boars from the movie Princess Mononoke. They were lead by the boar god Okkoto-nushi and also wore mud like warrior paint.
  • A blue battle pig with green eyes was planned as an easter egg mini-boss in the game. It would of been faster and it's charging animation replaced with a spin-roll. It was known as the "Edgehog" and Discord would take you to it if you find Discord his missing emeralds.
  • The Razorback tribe may be worked into Ponytale lore, either lead by Grogar or a MLP:FiM version of Princess Porcina given the fact she is a royal pig.

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