Robecca Steam
Robecca Steam
Hope i don't blow my stack -Robecca
Kind Mechanical Unicorns
Sex Female
Occupation Equestria Games Racer
Eyes Chocolate mocha
Mane Neon Royal Ocean with Black
Coat Copper
Nicknames Robecca Hexicah Steam(Full Name)
Relatives Hoofington Black(Sientist,Dad)
Cutie mark
Robecca cm
Owner User:SkelitaCalaveras

'I have no way of being on time!!' -Robecca

Robecca Steam is a Female Mechanical unicorn she can blow her stack but that has rare odds as well as her to not be helping two friends fighting but she has a BIG problom she is always late i know its not that big of a deal but to Robecca it totally is its because she has to find two friends at a certain time.She was born in Mareis so she has a very light victorian Mareisian accent .She is the element of Relationships

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