Autumn was born as a young and healthy filly in Ponyville, but the parents did not want her so she was almost instantly adopted by a different family. She grew up in a earth pony home, as a side effect of that she gained a lot of muscles and had to learn to fly on her own, which was not pleasant. It ended up with around fifteen trips to the hospital, all of them had to do with broken bones, blood loss, and dislocated joints. Soon she fully learned to fly thanks to some lessons.

She soon went to school and was flying like a dream, but another problem occurred, she was constantly bullied by her class mates. With out her brother, Rads Waste, to help her, she was constantly verbally and some times physically bullied for her 'blank flank.' She ran from school one day and ran into a pony from her class, the mystery pony was also a blank flank, and he was looking into a screen, playing a game. He looked up slowly, looking bored. Autumn apologized multiple times, but the pony did one thing, introduce him self. His name was Codre and the two instantly became friends, and he introduced her to his little club, she was surprised to see his brother there, but other than that there was two others. Pumpkina Sweets and Wings Freeair, she loved the group. Autumn and Codre became extremely close, and the group would start playing pranks on them, locking them into rooms and what not. Ticka Tocker, Rads Waste, Wings Freeair, and Pumpkina pie always loved watching them as they tried to figure a way out. One time though, they forgot about them and Autumn and Codre were stuck in there for three hours. As they were there, Autumn admitted her feelings for Codre, and he did the same. Once they got out they hanged around each other a lot more.

Autumn bullied even more, and in a fit of rage she ran out side and started to kick rocks into the to ground, compressing leaves and the stones together. With her muscles from her years in the earth pony home, she soon stomped one more time and the rocks did not move. She turned around and there, was a beautiful, leaf brown gem. She looked at her flank and found that the same stone was her cutie mark. The bullying continued and to flush her anger and sadness, she would 'grow gems.' As she put it.

Now years later, she still hangs around with a constantly growing group that the same bullies call, 'the Outcasts.' Even though she more unique then any of those people. She still in love with Codre, all of them help out on Rads research in anyway possible. She helps Codre with his games and tests out Pumpkina's candies. She is always up to helping Ticka with her crazy machines, over all, Autumn is a happy mare who likes to have fun.

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