Shadow Amethyst 2


Name: Shadow Amethyst

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Race: Unicorn

Powers: Darkness and Fire magic

Cutie Mark: None yet

Occupation: World Traveler

Place of Birth: Galordia, a continent on the other side of the planet

Date of Birth: 7/15/1998

Personality: Shadow is a generally calm and carefree pony. He's really kind and curteous to others, and can be really silly; even sillier than Pinkie, it seems! This is due to him having both ADHD AND Aspergers, which can be hard to deal with... He can be serious if the situation demands it, but otherwise, he's just a big ol' soft goofball. He also has a short temper (due to him being a Fire elemental), and if anyone mocks him or his friends, his mane starts to flare up in anger. He will literally assault anyone that dares to mock him or his friends. He may be silly, but even HE has his limits. Besides his powers taking control of his mood when he is upset or enraged, he isnt really DANGEROUS. He's just misunderstood. He's also rather lonely, due to the fact that no one seems to like Dark elementals, despite him being of two elements...all he really wants is a couple of good friends in life. He's shy and cold at first, but try to get to know him, and you'll see how misunderstood the poor guy is.


Shadow spent most of his life on his home continent, Galordia, where he learned to take control of his two elements. However, he is not quite in full control. Due to this, he accidentally went on a rampage with his powers, which burned down his whole village... Due to this, the leaders of the continent saw him as a potential threat until his powers were properly mastered, so they sent him off to Equestria, where he is supposed to learn how to properly use his powers. He hasnt really been able to make any friends due to how powerful he is. Not to mention, not very many people like Dark AND Fire elementals... Since then, he's been living in the Everfree Forest, where he keeps trying to master his two elements...

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