Sparks' Background

Sparks is a very shy and timid pony.  He isn't anything like his brother, Heart Fire.  His best friedns would have to be his brother and Big McIntosh.  He is a couples counceler, explaining his cutie mark which is a broken heart that has been swen back together.  He, Heart Fire and Big McIntosh all know each other because of Applejack.  When Applejack was a filly, she moved to Manehatton to be with more sophistacated ponies (you know this story from the first season, right?).  Adjusting to life in the big city was hard for her, but Heart Fire and Sparks helped her pull through until she moved back to Ponyville.  She told Big McIntosh about the two brothers and they have been pen-pal's ever since.  His brother, Heart Fire was a Wonderbolt drop out and the only adult with a blank flank.  For a while he was in a bit of a depression because he couldn't figure out why he was still a blank flank.  He chose to move to Ponyville from Manehatton to be with his friend Big McIntosh.  Sparks followed him.  When Sparks arived he instantly fell in love with Fluttershy.  However, she doesn't share the feeling.  Yet.  But Applejack has had a crush on Sparks ever since THEY met in Manehatton.  And, it's because of his feelings for Fluttershy that causes Applejack to be mean to Sparks just to hide her feelings and mask her pain.


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