Name: Symphony Staccato


Physical: She is a blue pegasus mare with darker blue mane. It's straight. She has light purple eyes. She is blind. She wears a silver necklace with a heart shaped locket. Her Cutie Mark is three music notes in the order of 1/16th, 1/8th, 1/16th, colored light purple and with the top line-y bits facing the wrong direction.

Personality: fairly nice, but does not really care.

Talent: she plays music. Generally prefers the violin, but can do others if she practices a bit.

History and Such

Symphony Staccato was born blind, but does not mind it very much. She was born and raised in Canterlot. Her mother owns a music shop, which gets by selling high quality instruments to lesser nobility who will never use them. She tended to wander off on her own and get lost, which she was very good at getting lost to an almost inexplicable level.

As she got older, she began gaining a sort of echolocation (humans can gain the same thing, sort of, so why can't a cartoon pony?), which allowed her to move about crowds with minimal bumping in to things. Due to this ability to see, in a ways, she began getting a fear of silence, other than the usual reasons one fears silence, due to it meaning she can not identify her surroundings.

She found her talent when she grew an interest in instruments due to her upbringing and started to play with a violin and quickly excelled at using it. She became a small time musician for parties of the lesser nobility in Canterlot. As she grew up, her echolocation skill had grown as wrll, allowing her mind to better picture her surroundings and at better distances, but being a double edged sword in that some days, going through a crowd would be sensory overload for her.

Due to this, she decided to move to a place with less hustle and bustle. Manehattan was ruled out due to possibly being worse, and she couldn't see herself getting much work in Appleloosa, she chose to go to Ponyville. It sounded like a place she could easily get work for some of the fancier ponies and she wouldn't end up having a seizure or something (she didn't really know how too much sensory overload would affect her). Her house is on the edge of town, a nice little place, though signs she just moved in are quite apparent.

Added a picture finally!

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