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Rosy Flutters

Bday Gift For Absol

Kind Alicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Student
Eyes Light brilliant malachite green
Brilliant cyan
Mane Brilliant crimson
Coat Light raspberryish grey
Nicknames Flutters, Flutter, Rosy, Rose.
Cutie mark
Owner User:Absolzoey
Rosy Flutters is a filly alicorn who currently lives in Ponyville. She is close friends with Shady Storm and Shard.



Rosy is shy and kind. She gets startled easily, and is more intelligent than the others two of her group. She is always willing to try new things, but tends to wimp out when it comes to involving other ponies.


Coming Soon


Rosy is an odd Alicorn. Her father was a pegasus and her mother is an earth pony. It was a strike of rare genetics that made her be an Alicorn. Because of this, she is teased and bullied at school as she "isn't a princess but is and alicorn".


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