Rotten Peach is a zombie Pegasus.  
Rotten Peach

Rotten Peach

Rotten Peach Pony

An idea of what Rotten Peach looks like


Rotten Peach is a decaying Pegasus with grey fur and missing on eye. She is missing some feathers but seems still able to fly. Rotten's head seems to have been sliced off and sown back on to her neck, possible suggesting how she died. Sh is missing fur and in some hairs even missing skin.

Rotten's Cutie Mark is a peach which help in naming her.


Rot's past is unknown but she was brought back to life along with Rancid. At some point she was discovered by Aniju and Rith brought back with her along with Rancid. Aniju named both of them and the two live currently with Crosis, who he see them more as pets than ponies.


  • Rot's name has to start with an R after watching Warm Bodies in which the main character R a zombie couldn't remember his name but knew it started with an R.