Rumble id (newer)
Kind Pegasus
Sex Colt
Eyes Light purple
Mane Grayish cornflower blue
Coat Light gray
Relatives Thunderlane (Older brother)
Feathermay (Older sister)
Mairwen (fillifriend)
Blessed Tempest (future daugther)
Residence Ponyville
Cutie mark
Searching for it
 Rumble is Thunderlane's younger brother according to MLP wiki. He is Mairwen's love interest. 



Mairwen has a 'crush' on him. Rumble didn't know or he is clueless of all Mairwen's hints. But in the future, he likes Mairwen. One day, they had their first kiss. But, last time, it's so close that Rumble would know Mairwen has a crush on him. In the future, Mairwen is his future wife.


Rumble loves Thunderlane so much as his older brother. 


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