Ryu Ponybusa
Ryu Ponybusa
Kind Earth pony
Sex Stallion
Occupation Master Ninja
Eyes green
Mane Unknown
Coat Black,yellow
Ninbo fire dragon,Glass arrows,Lightning fast,Stopping time
Weapon Pony sword
Cutie mark
Voice Ryu Hayabusa
Owner user:yannickl

Ryu is a traditional Ninja pony trained in old ways since he was a foal.

The master ninja

Now he is the master ninja of dragon clan,and the protecter of the precious treasure of his people:the Pony Sword!He fights for justice and peace.You wonder how he stands like that and holds the sword?He is a ninja,OK:)?

The pony sword

It's the most powerful Japeness style Sword of all of  Equestria,Made from the bones of an alicorn who was the most powerful of all the time but sacrified her immortal form for the sake of saving the world.


Ryu Ponybusa

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