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I'm... Sane Percups. Who are you?


Sable Perplex
Sable with spy shades
Got yer shades on fellas? Cause yer gonna need them
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Spy of the CSP
Eyes #81D8D0 (Tiffany Blue)
Mane #FF6FFF (ultra pink)
  1. 50C878 (paris green)
Coat #C71585 (Red violet)
Nicknames Perplexity
Magic aura #FFBF00 (amber)
Cutie mark
Owner User:PandoraStar411
Sable Perplex is a unicorn pony who works for the Crime Scene Ponies.



Sable as done several jobs in the CSP organization and one was being a spy for the CSP on Lord Anders. Sable is known to be one of the expert spies in the CSP. She is known for her use of manipulation and her well known intelligence (even though she comes off as a bit stupid).


'Sable' literally means mystery in English and 'perplex' comes from the word perplexity.


  • At first, Sable didn't want to be a spy
  • she loves watching NCIS (pony-fied version)
  • she started to train for becoming a spy when she was seven
  • Her cover name is Sane Percups


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