Sachin is an albino Unicorn who is also almost totally blind.

Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Eyes Pink
Mane White
Coat Off-white
Cutie mark
Owner Aniju Aura


Sachin has light fur and purple tinted hooves. His hair is white and is longer on the left, usually kept in a braid. Sachin usually has a blank stare in his pink eyes becuase he can't see so well.

Sachin is quiet but is fairly noisy, he makes a variety of sounds rather than speaking which is fully capable of. He is child-like and quite bratty. A bit selfish and will throw a temper tantrum when things don't go his way. However he is friendly although wary of unfamiliar people until he learns their behaviors. He doesn't like lound noises because they hurt his ears, which is how he navigates his world by making clicking sounds. Sachin also has a major sweet-tooth and cheese cake is his favorite.


Sachin lives with Hush and Collins who looked after him. Little is know about his past other than he is friends with a dim-witty pony named Corkscrew.


Pictures of Sachin.


  • Despite being blind, Sachin is skilled in using magic.

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