Kind Pegusas
Sex Female
Occupation Singing, Training, and Being a mom
Eyes Green
Mane Brown and Orange Brown
Coat Brown
Nicknames Scooty
Cutie mark
My Cutie mark
Owner Werepony Scooty
Welcome to ScootyWolf's Ponysona Scooty Please Don't Touch!


  1. She's a Female (believe it or not XD)
  2. She loves animals, anime, and singing (yes She likes sing wow -_-)
  3. She's a werepony (but she will bite if she gets mad)
  4. She's a wonderbolt
  5. She lives in the Everfree Forest
  6. She dislike weapon's (as in swords, guns, and spikes), the cold, and rain
  7. She hates cats...yes "hate" cats
  8. Her weakness is her family and friends if they get hurt on her watch she could never forgive herself
  9. Luna is her 1 and only Princess

Scooty's story

I was just a kid when I leaned I could fly, it took a few days before I could fly off the ground but when I did I crashed and got lost in the Everfree Forest. I meet a friendly timber wolf that brought me in and raised me as it's own. Over time I started turning in to a werepony, I didn't know this till someone found me it was my big brother Nic, he told me what happened and when he told me our mom died I turned in to a werepony in front of him. He told me I was a monster and I could never be a pony again... Over the years I grow use to being a werepony but no pony liked at me like I was one of them, but who would blame them I was, A monster.

One day my brother told me he was a monster too, a vampony. I couldn't believe it but we were both monsters in a lonely world, no one was like use and no one will know that we were free to be monsters. So one day me and my brother set off to find more of are kind and we're still looking hoping to find a home.

Scooty's Army

Behind her brothers back she made a werepony army out of Luna's guards, and of course luna approved it. Luna told her, she may but if she start a war will her, she will banish her and the rest of us away from Ponyville, never to return.


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