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Serene Flower
Serene Flower ID
Serene Flower
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Guardian of the Unicharm
Eyes Light brilliant gamboge
Mane Light brilliant opal with light brilliant orchid streaks
Coat Very pale orchid
Relatives Crescendo Melody (older sister)
Magic aura Brilliant turquoise
Cutie mark
Serene CM
Owner Cattleya12
Serene Flower is a female unicorn pony and a guardian of the Unicharm alongside her older sister, Crescendo Melody.


Serene Flower lives in the Ixhelca Empire with her older sister, Crescendo Melody, and is the playmate of Princess Lily. She and her sister are the guardians of the Unicharm.

Physical appearance

Serene Flower is a unicorn of average height. She has slightly curled mane and tail colored light brilliant opal with light brilliant orchid streaks. Her eyes are colored light brilliant gamboge. Her coat is colored very pale orchid. On her neck hangs the dormant Unicharm.


Serene Flower is a happy-go-lucky pony who smiles almost all the time. Though she is a bit wary since she herself wears and protects the Unicharm. She is also very devoted in her occupation as one of its guardians.

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